Palette knife painting – Rose Tutorial

palette knife painted roses buttercream

Hello 🙂 Here is the much requested Palette knife painting Rose tutorial. This is an intermediate project, but absolutely doable with a little practise. Make sure you have a stable buttercream batch to practise this.

Palette Knife Painting – Rose Tutorial

  • Using a small palette knife, scoop out a little amount of buttercream. Make sure the buttercream is smooth and doesn’t have any rough edges. This ensures a smooth petal stroke and hence a clean rose.
  • Now apply this petal in the middle of the cupcake.
  • Apply another petal on the other side, forming a rosebud.
  • Apply similar petals around the bud. Keep this going.
  • You can scoop more buttercream for bigger shaped petals. You can also use two tones of pink – darker pink for middle layers and lighter pink for outer layers of the rose, to create a more realistic look.

palette knife painted roses buttercream
palette knife painted roses buttercream

Would you try this Palette knife painting – Rose tutorial?

Handling the buttercream in the palette knife is an art and the techniques are very important to achieve results. We cover this in detail in our Online School. You have 5 individual palette knife painting projects in Online School 🙂


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