Palette knife Painted flowers for beginners

buttercream palette knife painting

Hello 🙂 Here’s a tutorial on ‘Palette knife Painted flowers for beginners’ I am amazed at how many of you love palette knife painting! It is really catching on, isn’t it? I love it and I am happy to see we share the same passion!

Below tutorial is absolutely suitable for beginners.  Let’s get started!

IMPORTANT – Before we start, a quick note – Always remember to start with smooth buttercream on back of the palette knife. This holds true for all painting strokes below.

Step 1

Using a piping bag with some green coloured buttercream and a hole cut at the end, pipe strands of buttercream resembling stems of the flowers.

Using a small artists palette knife paint small petals. But be mindful, you need a stable buttercream recipe for this to work. I am using my signature buttercream here which is perfect for covering cakes flawlessly, piping and painting. Apply more similar petals all around.

buttercream palette knife painting

Step 2

Using a different shade of buttercream (I used white) paint similar petals as a second layer.

Now add details to the middle of the flower. I used orange and green details. If you are Online School member, you could refer to the ‘Colour Theory’ module in Online School to understand what colours go well together.

buttercream palette knife painting

Step 3

Paint similar petals around the main flower, like half flowers, and add leaves and details.

buttercream palette knife painting

Tadaa! That’s it, our simple summer floral beauty is ready!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial on ‘Palette knife Painted flowers for beginners’.

Until next time 🙂

Much Love,

Neetha x

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