Painted Bird Cake Tutorial

Buttercream cake decorating tutorial

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Here we are going to learn how to create this beautiful ‘Painted Bird Cake’. This tutorial is super simple, ideal for beginners as well.

Remember we learnt how to pipe Cherry blossoms in our first video (if you haven’t seen it yet, sign up in website for FREE sample video tutorial ( If you have signed up, check your inbox (spam folder as well). We are piping some cherry blossoms and painting birds here!

We have a misconception that a design needs to be complicated to be effective. It is more about how clean it looks, the colour combinations we choose and the techniques we combine.

Let’s go! 🙂

Painted Bird Cake Tutorial

Step 1

Chill the cake for an hour in the fridge.

With a toothpick, draw a circle for the head and a heart for the body. That’s the bird. The width of the heart determines how fat you want your birdie to be 😉 Mine is a size 12 here 🙂

Using a piping bag with some uncoloured buttercream and a hole cut at the end, fill it in with buttercream. You can smooth using a artists’s painting brush.

Layer colours of your choice (using piping bags with hole cut at the end) and smooth with the brush. Choose colours that work well together. Here I have chosen orange, pink and blue.

buttercream cake decorating ideas

Step 2

Pipe leaves using some green buttercream in a piping bag with Wilton 352 nozzle.

          Place the nozzle with one of the sharp ends of nozzle touching the cake.

          Squeeze gently to release a small leaf. (Refer to first Video Tutorial on how to pipe leaves)

Similar to cherry blossoms (Refer to first Video Tutorial – Blue Floral Cake) pipe some simple blooms.

simple buttercream cake decorating ideas

Step 3

Finish off by adding any details to the middle of flowers and birds. These are simply dots with coloured buttercream.

buttercream cake decorating tutorial

This is absolutely suitable for beginners. But the only thing I would recommend is that ensure you have a good stable cake as well as a good stable buttercream before you attempt this design.

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