How to cut your cake decorating time in half!

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Hello 🙂 How to cut your cake decorating time in half! Some of my lovely students in the Online School are cake businesses, and when you are selling cakes, you know that time is money. If you spend 2 hours to bake a cake, then 2 hours to decorate it and then sell it for £30, you know that isn’t good business simply because you haven’t even charged your times worth. So improving efficiency in the cake decorating process means less stress, more productivity and more profit!

Clean Bakes – We often forget the importance of a clean bake. It is as important as your decorating skills. An even stable bake means you will save tons of time trying to fix it and prep it for decoration.

Have one or two simple yet effective recipes for cakes and cupcakes that are easy to whip up and adapt to various flavours as well. In our Online School, I have a whole new module of video tutorials on the ‘Science of Baking’ with super effective recipes for Sponge cake, cupcakes and flavour variations (berry cake, chocolate cake, marble cake etc.).

Cut out all the extra work like trimming the brown edges off the cake, layering it, cutting off the dome etc which will save you tons of time and will ensure you spend your energy and time in more valuable tasks like growing your business or learning a new skill!


Cake Basics – We live in an age of information overload where we have access to tons of videos in our fingertips. The result of this is that we spend more time watching videos than actually practising it.  And we often forget the importance of good basics or foundation.  Like any other artform, buttercream cake art also needs good solid foundation and practise.

Basics like, if it is big cakes, you need to crumb coat your cake with buttercream and let it rest for 30 minutes. Then you need to cover the cake with a good stable buttercream to achieve a smooth finish. If it’s tiered cakes, make sure you dowel them and secure it with a central rod. All these basics need to be practised and perfected so you will save tons of time fixing mishaps!

In our Online School, I cut the fluff out and teach what’s necessary so you can focus on what’s important and really master buttercream cake decorating!

Buttercream – Know your buttercream and know how it works. In our Online School, we learn the signature buttercream recipe as well as Classic buttercream recipe. Both has its own qualities and provide a safe canvas for you to try your artwork. Again like baking, buttercream making has a science side to it, which we learn and focus a lot in our Online School.

Some buttercream hacks;

  • Use superfine icing sugar so that your butter and sugar incorporates well for a stable buttercream.
  • Ensure you use slightly cold butter so the butter whips up well.
  • Don’t overbeat your butter so you won’t end up with tons of airholes in your buttercream.
  • Use milk powder, whipping cream powder or meringue powder to stabilise your buttercream further.


Learning the Art – Spend your time to learn and master your chosen style of cake decorating. This will enable you to improve your efficiency tremendously. It is better to a master of one than the jack of all trades! 🙂

This will also enable you to be an expert in your field. This will also benefit you because it will be a no-brainer for your customers to approach you for the perfect buttercream cake because they know you are the best in your area!

Are you ready to Master the Art of Buttercream Cake Decorating?

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How to cut cake decorating time in half! – or even more – is a topic we often discuss in class and the above key points are definitely the first to consider 🙂

Any questions, pls email me