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Dolly started her Home Baking business because she wanted to be financially independent.  She wanted to offer her children education and wanted to be able to support them in any career choices they made. This is a dedicated mother who wanted to turn every adversity in her life into a positive! And gosh, did she not do well?! Home baking to a successful bakery in Tanzania.

Let’s hear from Dolly of ‘Dolly’s Patisserie’ and her beautiful cake journey!

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Please tell us a little bit about your cake journey?

I was born in Uganda.  As a little girl, my dream was to pursue my education. I wanted to make something of myself. But life wasn’t that easy for me. I went through many hurdles in my path and somewhere along the line, I had to forget my dream of pursuing an education.

I settled in Tanzania after my marriage. I only had one dream then, to be financially independent and to support my children in their education. I never wanted money to be the reason for any hindrance to their career choices. This was my motive to start a small home baking business called ‘Dolly’s Patisserie’ in 1976.

My baking business has helped me to support my whole family and educate my four children. Two of them live in the UK now, my son is a lawyer and my daughter is an accountant.

Can you tell us about your bakery?

When I started my baking business almost 40 years ago, I was one of the first bakers in the region.  That helped me to gain popularity and I always strived to produce tasty cakes and breads. I didn’t know much about cake decorating or the business side of things. I didn’t even have a proper oven, so I used to bake with a DIY charcoal stove.  I used to layer coal pieces on two metal trays and use the space in between as an oven! I learned so much along the way, all by experimenting. I wished if I had courses like these back in the days!

After running my home baking business for 22 years, in 1998 I started an independent bakery called ‘Dolly’s Patisserie’ with two employees. Our main product line is still cakes, mostly buttercream, royal icing and the occasional fondant. We also bake and sell a variety of bread.

I am known as ‘Mamma Dolly’ amongst the locals. They often say that ‘They cannot find tasty cakes and bread loaves like the ones in our bakery’. It is these compliments that keep me going.

What do you think about ‘Buttercream Petals Masterclass’?

I used to pipe some buttercream flowers like sunflowers and easy rosettes. I was keen to learn realistic flower piping and also palette knife painting. My biggest happiness is that I can pipe flowers and palette knife paint so beautifully now! I can’t wait to introduce these new cake designs in my bakery. Also, I love the taste of signature buttercream so much!

How did you grow your business, any tips for those aspiring to have successful cake businesses?

I always put quality, taste and unique designs above everything in my business. I do buttercream cakes mostly because of the taste of it.  I am always improving myself and learning new techniques because I want to offer my customers unique products. Now the competition is so much more than back in the days. To be ahead of the game, you have to bring in new techniques, new designs and stand apart from the competition.

Now my children encourage me to learn more and they are my biggest motivation to continue being the best in my industry.

What an inspiring story right! 🙂

If I can take away anything from just talking to her, it would be two things!

Keep going, regardless of what life throws at you. You will have a lot of challenges in your journey but each one of them will make you stronger! Keep learning and improving!

Quality and Uniqueness will set you apart from any competition!

Hope this has inspired you, please do let me know your thoughts, I would love to hear from you 🙂

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