How to pipe gorgeous buttercream roses

Roses, roses, roses…

Even before starting my classes, the first question I get from my students is “Will I be able to pipe a rose?” I can see the twinkle in their eyes, all the excitement and happiness of a hand piped rose in full bloom. I have to agree, its a beautiful sight in its self, a buttery rose on a moist cupcake top! Yum ?

Is it easy to pipe a rose? Unfortunately, the answer is no. It is the beast of all buttercream flowers!

But, it’s not all bad news! Once you master the techniques, then it’s really a piece of cake! ?

Here are my foolproof four steps to a perfect rose!

Buckle up, are you ready?

Nozzle: Wilton 104 or 125 or any brand petal-shaped nozzle, depending on the size of the rose you’d like. Below I have used Wilton 104.

Step 1

Piping the cone – so so so important to pipe a sturdy one.

Pipe a small amount of buttercream and stick a greaseproof square on to a flower nail. Then pipe a cone on the middle of the flower nail. This is the height of your rose, and you need to make sure it’s a sturdy one. If it doesn’t sit nicely on the flower nail, or if it’s too floppy, discard and start over again.

The cone

Step 2

Piping the bud

Position the piping bag in such a way that the narrow end of the nozzle is facing upwards. Now, pipe two-three curved arched petals on both sides of the cone so there is just a small opening in the middle. This is the rosebud.

It is extremely important that this small hole in the middle is evident as this is the beauty of the rose.

Rose bud

Step 3

The good news is, once you have achieved the perfect cone and rosebud, chances are your rose will turn out amazingly well! Phew…

The next step is to carry on piping curved arches around the rose, adding more layers depending on how big you’d like your rose to be.

Buttercream rose in the making…

Step 4

Add more curved arches ensuring that you open up the petals towards the end.

Buttercream Rose

A good thing about piping the rose on a greaseproof paper is that, you can transfer the bloom to a tray and freeze for about 15 minutes or until it’s hard to the touch. Then you can easily transfer it on to your cake or cupcake.

Buttercream roses and buttercream sunflowers on cupcakes

Now that you know the secrets to a perfect rose, why don’t you give it a try?

Much love,

Neetha x

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