Buttercream Palette knife painting

buttercream palette knife painting

As my Instagram and Facebook friends might have already sensed, I am loving the Buttercream Palette knife painting and the endless possibilities of this technique! As promised, here’s a fun cupcake tutorial for you to try! Hope you enjoy it.

Before you watch the video, let me tell you the benefits of this technique.

  1. The cupcake to frosting ratio is perfect. As much as I love buttercream, I do not prefer a cupcake with more frosting than the cake. Buttercream palette knife painting is just perfect, more cake and just enough of our delicious buttercream.
  2.  It looks more complicated than what it is. Yes, true story. It was actually much easier to paint these than painting flowers.
  3. Wow factor! I made these cupcakes for a garden party and they were a hit! It had the holiday, fun vibe to it that everyone loved them!

Tools needed:

That’s it! Hope you would try this super fun project and do let me know how it went 🙂

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Until next time 🙂