Buttercream Floral Wedding Cake Tutorial

buttercream floral wedding cake tutorial

Hello 🙂 Today, I have for you here this beautiful ‘Buttercream Floral Wedding Cake Tutorial’. I have used our Signature Buttercream Recipe to cover and pipe blooms for this one! You can see how by using a simple petal technique, you can create this beautiful free-flowing flower cascade effect! This design is experimental, so apply it in your own unique way and have fun with this one 🙂

Step 1

Cover and stack – 8″ and 4″ (Double barrel) cake.

Tip: I always cover my cakes and leave it in the freezer for some time which would make stacking so much easier.

Step 2

Using a Wilton 104 nozzle – Position the nozzle at a 30-degree angle, applying gentle pressure, then moving up an inch in a wavy motion to form a wavy petal. Apply the same technique backwards along the length of the piped petal to form a leaf-shaped petal, then pipe 5 more petals around it.

buttercream wedding cake tutorial

Step 3

Finish off by adding little dots using purple, red buttercream and white buttercream (Using piping bags with small holes cut at the end).

Step 4

Using Wilton 352 nozzle and some green buttercream, pipe leaves underneath the petals.

buttercream cake tutorial

Step 5

Using Wilton 103 and 104 nozzles, pipe the same sort of flowers in a variety of 2 petals, 3 petals and 5 petals flowers as a cascade. I have used light pink, dark pink and red colours to pipe these flowers.

You can add dragees and textures using cream colour and black colour buttercream. These add texture and character to the overall design.

buttercream wedding cake tutorial

You can experiment with colours and achieve the same design in a variety of ways. Hope you enjoyed this Buttercream Floral Wedding Cake Tutorial.

If you have any questions, hit reply and let me know 🙂

Much love,


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