Best Buttercream Cake Decorating Tactics

Buttercream cake decorating tutorial

Hello 🙂 Today, I want to talk to you about the Best and the Most effective Buttercream Cake Decorating Tactics!

When you start off Cake decorating, it’s often overwhelming.

You might have a million ideas – Buttercream Flowers, maybe watercolour effect, palette knife painting, isomalt sails or chocolate shards. ‘I want to try them all!’ Says the little voice in your head!

And you start to work on this new design with all these jumbled up ideas, with no colour theme, ideas that don’t work well together and end up with this over-complicated cake that leaves you tired and frustrated.

Can you relate?

Well,  I certainly can. Because this was the story of my life!

I have painfully learnt over the years a few things that have helped me tremendously in my productivity as well as creativity.

  • Clarity – Oh my goodness. I cannot tell you how important this is. Settle on one idea even if your head is fighting over a million things at one time. Say to your self. I am going to pick this ‘ONE’ idea and I am going to execute that. Now line up the rest of the ideas in a queue. Next time.
  • Colours – Before you start on a new design, decide on your colour palette. Some of us doesn’t have that talent naturally to just imagine it in your head and decide as to which colours go well together.  What helps me is to look at pictures of floral gowns, or home decor, anything pretty really, and to look at the colour scheme.  Work that colours on to your cake.
  • Simplicity – I have learnt it over the years that for a design to be effective, it doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. It is often the other way round. When you keep the design, SIMPLE and CLEAN that is when it really becomes catchy. Don’t overcrowd your designs.

I am all about simple yet effective designs. Most of the cakes that you see in my Instagram or Facebook page are decorated in less than a couple of hours.

Below, I am going to demonstrate a classic example of that. A simple design, yet so effective. Once completed it looks way too complicated than what it is really.

Painted Bird Cake Tutorial

Step 1

Chill the cake for an hour in the fridge.

With a toothpick, draw a circle for the head and a heart for the body. That’s the bird. The width of the heart determines how fat you want your birdie to be 😉 Mine is a size 12 here 🙂

Fill it in with buttercream and smooth using a brush. Layer colours of your choice and smooth with the brush. Choose colours that work well together. Here I have chosen orange, pink and blue.

buttercream cake decorating ideas

Step 2

Pipe leaves using Wilton 352 and some simple blooms using PME 58.

simple buttercream cake decorating ideas

Step 3

Finish off by adding any details to flowers and birds. These are simply dots with coloured buttercream.

buttercream cake decorating tutorial

This is absolutely suitable for beginners. But the only thing I would recommend is that ensure you have a good stable cake as well as a good stable buttercream before you attempt this design.

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Hope you enjoyed our Best Buttercream Cake Decorating Tactics and this simple tutorial.

Until next time,


Neetha xx