Success story – Hear it from Remya

This week I spoke to the creative mind behind the ‘Icing bird’, the home baking business based in Leicester. Remya Ganapathy brings to you her delicious buttercream and fresh cream bakes, all freshly made in her kitchen.

When Remya came to my flower piping class, the ‘Icing bird’ was yet to be born. But I knew the day was not far off as I saw her enthusiasm in learning a new technique and her creativity in implementing them. Six months on, she has a great portfolio of cakes and ‘Icing bird’ is making a grand entry to the world of home bakers!

After all, Gorgeous cakes made lovingly using just the finest ingredients does tick all the boxes.

I wish you all the very best in your new venture ?

For those in the Leicester area, look no further for your cake needs – contact

I hear you just started your business, tell us more about it?

Yes, I have finally given a tag to my passion for baking, it’s called ‘ICING BIRD – Bliss in every bite’.
My business motto is to produce delicious homemade cakes straight from my kitchen. I cater to the needs of my customers who can choose their cakes in a variety of flavors.

When did you first start decorating cakes?

I always loved baking, but I got in to cake decorating when I started making birthday cakes for my husband. The complete process of baking a cake and then diving into decorating is actually therapeutic. It’s addictive as well, I started to do it more often, and slowly started experimenting with different styles and techniques.

How did you decide to make it your career?

I started off making cakes for my friends and family, who always praised my effort. It is them who encouraged me to turn my passion into my career.

How would you sum up your style and why?

My love simple, elegant and trendy designs. Predominantly I am into fresh cream and buttercream icing with drip effects. I have adopted this style because buttercream’s rich taste and texture makes it well suited to a variety of flavorings.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Attending Cake exhibitions, I understood that there had been a significant evolution in cake decoration. As a self-taught baker, I am receptive to learning new skills and techniques. I follow trends to design cakes that suit the needs of the current market.

What is your top three cake decorating tips or something that you have learned along the way?

1. Always wait for cakes to be completely cool before you start decorating as it makes it easier to handle the cakes and even decorate them.

2. A stable buttercream or whipped cream is as crucial as a great cake.

3. The crumb coating a cake is an essential step to create a mess-free cake decorating experience.

What’s next for you?

I am in the process of establishing my business. I am actively learning new techniques and developing my skills.