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I have to say I had the best day. I am a complete novice and came home with half a dozen beautifully decorated cakes that wouldn't look out of place on any table 🙂 With the patience of a fantastic tutor with a lovely natural teaching ability made it possible to make beautiful cakes on my first go. With a little home practice I think I will be offering to do all are family gathering cakes, just to show off 😉 Thank you for helping me with my new found hobby.

Yvonne Gavin, Coventry

As an experienced sugar crafter I wanted to expand my skills to be able to include buttercream piped flowers. Neetha is an excellent teacher who put both myself and the other lovely ladies I met on the course at ease, and filled us all with confidence and inspiration to be able to do this ourselves at home. Thank you so much Neetha for a fantastic afternoon! I highly recommend your courses to anyone looking to take that next step in advancing their cake decorating repertoire.

Vicky Ashford, Coventry

Neetha is absolutely amazing! She is very talented, patient, friendly and a very good teacher! I really enjoyed the course and had a great time. The atmosphere was relaxed and Neetha has inspired me to be more creative and try to make different flowers on my own from the fundamental techniques she has taught. I would most definitely recommend her courses to anyone regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert cake decorator as she eases everyone to the same level with her excellent teaching and creative flair. Thank you soo much Neetha, I had a gr8 time and the cupcakes were delicious!

Zahra Jiwa, Birmingham

Absolutely loved the buttercream petals course would recommend it to anyone interested in piping cupcakes had a great afternoon learnt so much and Neetha is such a great friendly teacher too

Lisa Jane Walters, Coventry

I absolutely loved my one to one class today with Neetha. She is a pleasure to work with, very patient and gives you lots of tips and tricks all the way through. I did the buttercream flower cupcake course and it was really fun to learn new techniques. I can't wait to practice more at home with everything I learnt. The cupcakes came out beautifully!
Thanks so much Neetha I will be back for another course! x

Jodie Hall, London

Wow what a course - loved every bit of it!! She had let my creative brain a run for money. Learning this skill from an amazingly talented and gifted lady like Neetha !!! - honestly no words to describe her - bubbly, cheerful and passionate about what she does. She has so much to give and owns some amazing tips - even an amateur like me can create such great blooms !! Highly recommended course for cupcake lovers out there

Rashmi Jeenakari, London

An amazing host and a wonderful personality accompany the fab butter cream class that i attended. Patience and kindness were all part of the evening and decorating and learning tips and tricks from a pro on how to decorate a cupcake in various ways was great fun. I recommend the Neetha as she is a lovely lady! She has a perfect space for learning and great music to make the evening a pleasure.

Deepa Gera Prakash, London

Stunning and absolutely lovely! I'm very new to this whole world of decorating but Buttercream Petals? They are what I can only hope to create like.

Michelle King, USA

Had a really lovely, informative, fun afternoon learning to pipe flowers with buttercream. Would highly recommend.

Rachel Helen, Midlands

I am a novice at everything related to cake making. I absolutely love the idea but have a mental block when it comes to baking & decorating. Petrified I was going to be really bad I decided to go to Neetha who I know to be one of the nicest people I know. I wasn't disappointed at all. She puts you at ease, is very well organised, is very patient and most of all, is very talented. My 6 cup cake designs looked so beautiful. Neetha takes you through the technique but its upto you to practice which is what I am looking forward to. All in all a very enjoyable day. These days cup cakes are in great demand. From charitable events to your child's school functions...it would bring such a wow factor if you turned up with cakes looking like the ones at this course. Totally totally recommend it.

Monica Serrao, London

My session with Neetha last Saturday was one of the most productive weekend that I have spend.. Not only was it enjoyable and informative, she gave me the confidence to do something that I never thought i could do.. I was very happy with the end results of making some awesome buttercream flowers.. Neetha is very patient with all her students and goes around to help us individually if we are struggling a little bit.. From showing how to make the perfect buttercream to using the right technique for the different flowers, everything was very professional.. we were also treated to some cupcakes in between which made the afternoon extra special.. I would definitely recommend it to everyone and especially if you feel that you can't do it, because Neetha helps you change that attitude and thought!

Christina Ann Kurian, West midlands

Attended course this Saturday. Such lovely relaxed atmosphere. Very easy to follow instructions. Due to small groups each of us got enough attention from tutor.

Audrone Padervinskaite, Leeds

Thank you so much Neetha for teaching me to make buttercream with a twist and for your patience with teaching us all the petal decorating skills. I thoroughly enjoyed spending the afternoon with you and have already recommended you to a friend. My family were suitably impressed with my handiwork today and I'm looking forward to eating more cupcakes tomorrow.

Nicole Louise, Warwick

i attended the basic flower piping class a couple of weeks ago and i must say, im glad i did 🙂 Neetha is amazing, everything right from how she set up the tables for us, providing us with all the tools, even a towel and a bottle of water for each one of us!! all the way upto her way of teaching.. it was fantastic!! We learnt 6 different types of flowers, i personally would have loved to have a bit more time with the roses, but im sure i can practice it up coz Neetha has given me a very good foundation. Neetha has a beautiful talent, and she shares it with us in an even more beautiful manner. She is so calm and composed and cheering everyone all the time. best of all, her recipes are amazing, she has a secret buttercream recipe, so come on people, start booking your classes, i highly recommend it, and it really is worth it, i guarentee!! I look forward to learning more and more with you Neetha..

Sajini Raj, London

Bank holiday Weekend attended an exciting and wonderful 4hour course on how to make delicious buttercream flower decoration for cup cakes/cake by Neetha Syam. I would really recommend to attend the course to learn proper techniques and tips to create perfect blooms. Had fun practice session, learned to make variety of buttercream flowers, mixing colours and how get two tone effect. I have no words to describe, Neetha you are blessed with special talent, very creative, artistic. Very friendly and amazing instructor. Whatever you do does with perfection. Thank you for the patience, encouragement, support and making us believe we too can make beautiful blooms near to perfection. Wish to attend more courses on making multi-tier cakes and decorations. Please do share and like the buttercream petals Facebook page with your friends and family.

Suja Vinod, Poole

Great learning session!! Had so much fun while learning as well. Neetha was very helpful and she was really patient trying in answering our queries. Her tips and techniques are really useful!! Overall a great experience and would highly recommend to everyone who wants to make their cupcakes taste yummy and look beautiful!!
I received the best feedback from my hubby and kiddo after coming out of the class when I showed them the cupcakes. They said it looked like a professional made cup cakes and not like a first timer did it!!thanks again Neetha!!

Sri Mummadavarapu, London

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